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I’m Liz Cruz and I am a passionate Tax preparation and bookkeeping professional. I believe that when it comes to understanding the issues facing small business and personal finance, there’s nothing more engaging and interesting than helping you with a creative  and effective solution to manage your books and tax concerns. My aim is to work with you to maximize your income by paying the least amount of taxes legally possible, while reducing your stress so you can focus on your business rather than worry about your finances.

I’ve always been interested in business, from bookkeeping basics in helping my family business during  junior high school to later manage my own family business. I’ve been a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace facilitator for several years, and have worked in the positions of a Technical/Software Trainer (from banking software to ERP and CRM systems), Project Manager, Business Consultant and Bookkeeper, for numerous companies.

My years of experience working with various firms and entrepreneurs (from mid-sized businesses to independent business owners) have given me an opportunity to develop and use my technical skills, as well as given me invaluable insights into how to manage a budget, and the implementation of business processes.


My personal and professional life experiences have taught me that with the right knowledge and skill-set, anyone can achieve financial independence and stability, both in their businesses and personal lives.

I’m here to partner with you in managing your business bookkeeping and tax concerns. To provide peace of mind and support.

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We can help relieve your tax and bookkeeping headaches so you can focus on your business and family. 

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